The application process for the Ehsaas HEC Scholarship 2024 is currently open. Those interested in applying to this programme can do so using the provided link. The HEC offers the Ehsaas Undergraduate Governmental Program. Its primary goal is to help students from low-income backgrounds by providing them with financial aid in the form of scholarships. One of Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan’s goals is to ensure that all deserving kids, regardless of their family’s financial situation, have access to a quality education. Ehsaas Scholarship 2024 Online Apply  this is a wonderful opportunity for all worthy pupils. This is a wonderful thing: fifty percent of the scholarships will go to women. The qualifying requirements and how to apply online for the Ehsaas HEC Scholarship 2024.The new academic session 2024-24 is now available for Ehsaas Student Scholarship for Pakistani undergraduate students. The deadline for submitting an application for the ehsaas scholarship 2024 is March 31, 2024.

The EHSAAS Scholarship is a significant effort aimed at increasing access to higher education. The government intends to guarantee that no student is denied an education due to financial constraints. Female students are eligible for the 50% Scholarships. Students with particular needs, as well as those from distant and underserved regions, are encouraged to apply.

Details About Ehsaas Scholarship 2024:

  • Name of the Scholarship: Ehsaas Scholarship
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Who are eligible?: Students from low-income families
  • Undergraduate or Postgraduate?: It is an undergraduate scholarship programme
  • Scholarship Amount: PKR 40,000/- per year
  • Mode of Application: Online

Ehsaas Scholarship 2024 Apply Online 

Ehsaas Scholarship 2024 Online Apply

Ehsaas Scholarship 2024 Undergraduate

Premier Minister Imran Khan has announced the Ehsaas Scholarship 2024 undergraduate program for students with low-income families. It is the most significant scholarship program in the history of Pakistan. More than 200 000 students will be able to receive this need-based Ehsaas scholarship 2024 program for undergraduates in 2024 over four years. The Ehsaas grant is a significant initiative that will improve the accessibility to higher education.

Ehsaas Scholarship 2024 Online Registration

Interested candidates may get the whole guidance to the Ehsaas Scholarship Scheme Eligibility Criteria, Scholarship Amount, Qualifications, Application Deadline, Application Procedure, and other Requirements on this page. The deadline for submissions is approaching. You have until the deadline to apply for this scholarship. So you go to the official website and fill out the online application forms. Fill out the application form completely. However, the application deadline for the Ehsaas scholarship programme 2024 .

Ehsaas Scholarship Installments Details

Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship program 2024 is being launched by PM Prime Minister Imran Khan for students from low-income families Near about 50,000. All Students with family incomes less than Rs 45,000 can apply for the Ehsas Scholarship Program. The 4-year program will benefit 200,000 students.

Ehsaas Scholarship Undergraduate Eligibility Criteria

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Candidates who are seeking the Ehsaas HEC Scholarship 2024 Eligibility Criteria now can check after clicking on above the link you can see the eligibility criteria of the Ehsaas program.

Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Apply Online 2024

Apply Online

  • Firstly, you will click on above the link.
  • Then you will register yourself on the portal of the Ehsaas program.
  • After the registration application form will appear on your screen.
  • After registration, you will give all required documentation according to the portal need
  • You will provide the father, mother, and guardian income detail
  • Last, you will submit the application before the last date.

Ehsaas  Scholarship 2024  Application Form

Application Form

The information of the candidates who are searching for the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Form is available and now they can download and apply for scholarships who have got already the highest marks in the previous class.

Ehsaas Scholarship forms must be submitted using your own CNIC if you are 18 years old.

  • Apply for NADRA CNIC first, then apply for Ehsaas Scholarship if you do not have a CNIC.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, you can apply through your own B-Form.
  • The concerned authority will simply reject your application if you use your sister’s, brother’s or parents’ CNIC.

Who are eligible for Ehsaas Scholarship 2024

Due to the strict nature of the Ehsaas scholarship eligibility requirements, it is imperative that only qualified individuals apply for the 2024 award. It is important to explore the requirements for admission to Ehsaas schools in depth.

Undergraduates in the public sector are welcome to apply.
A student’s annual household income cannot be more than PKR 45,000/- in order for them to be eligible for this programme.
Half-scholarships are available to female students.
Two percent of the scholarship fund is reserved for students who have impairments.
The Ehsaas scholarship extends to the four provinces of Pakistan, including FATA, AJK, GB, and GB. It is not possible to apply for another scholarship if you have already benefited from one.

Benefit of Ehsaas Scholarship 2024 Program

  • 50,000 Scholarships Annually.
  • 200,000 undergraduate scholarships over four years.
  • Fifty percent of the seats are reserved for girls.
  • Full tuition cost.
  • Monthly Stipend.
  • Special Preferences for students with disabilities and students from the most disadvantaged regions.

Required Documents Ehsaas Scholarship

  • Copy of the Applicant’s CNIC /B. Form
  • Copy of CNIC (Father, Mother/ Guardian)
  • Salary Slip / Income Certificate (Father/Guardian, Mother)
  • If your father works as a laborer working, a shopkeeper, or a day-to-day wage or private employment or other, then add
  • The undertaking of an Income Certificate on the Stamp paper worth Rs. 50/-
  • Copies of your last Six-Month Utility bills (Electricity, Gas, Telephone, and Water) — (If applicable)
  • Copy of Rent agreement in the event of Rented House
  • Copies of the Last Fee Receipts from Applicant and siblings (If applicable)
  • Copies of medical invoices/documents relating to expenditures (if appropriate)
  • 1 Passport size photo of the Applicant


Question 1: Can I apply for an Ehsaas scholarship if my family income is 50000 per year?

Answer: You shouldn’t have a family income over 45,000/-.

Question 2: Does the Ehsaas scholarship require a CNIC number?

Answer: Yes, if you’re 18 or older.

Question 3: How much is the scholarship?

Answer: PKR 40,000/- per year is the scholarship amount.