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  1. The poor quality of selection will mean extra cost on _______ and supervision?
  2. What tactic will employers likely have to take to fill openings left by retiring employees?
  3. Pakistan’s National Floral Symbol Jasmine was adopted in July?
  4. If a distribution is abnormally tall and peaked, then is can be said that the distribution is?
  5. What is the function of cone pulley drive in lathe machines?
  6. Phase advancers are used for which among the following machines?
  7. The first hand and unorganized form of data is called?
  8. The height of a student is 60 inches. This is an example of?
  9. Given X1=12,X2=19,X3=10,X4=7X1=12,X2=19,X3=10,X4=7, then ∑4i=1∑i=14 equals?
  10. Which of the following components are inspected by a Tool maker’s microscope?
  11. The isolators used in the transmission lines are capable of breaking?
  12. ASCII is a coding system that provides?
  13. Liability are arisen from which of the following events?
  14. C’ in CPU denotes?
  15. Why are the ternary lead cables used near the railway tracks?
  16. The resultant hydrostatic force acts through a point known as?
  17. Ratio of two spindle speeds is constant in _________ progression.
  18. According to Joule’s law, the internal energy of a perfect gas is the function of absolute?
  19. The net power in a series R-C circuit is?
  20. Which flat belt drive system has two pulleys mounted on driven shaft and one pulley on driving shaft?
  21. A single phase transmission line of impedance j0.8 ohm supplies a resistive load of 500 A at 300 V. The sending end power factor is?
  22. What is the load stress factor for cast iron gear pair if BHN = 300?
  23. Tidal energy utilizes?
  24. Prophet Hazrat ____________ has the title Najeeb Ullah?
  25. Which of the following divides a group of data into four subgroups?
  26. Which one of the following is an example of Golden-Handshake Scheme?
  27. Which of the following is a type of untuned vibration absorber?
  28. What is the relation between the fusing current and the diameter of the wire?
  29. The National Flag was presented by ________ in Legislative Assembly.
  30. The overload release protects the motor against?
  31. The term _____ means contributing in a measurable way to achieving the company’s strategic goals?
  32. Which among these fuse is very fast in operation?
  33. What will be the value of IC, if Ia1 = 100 ∠ 30° and Ib2 = 20 ∠ 90°?
  34. In dynamometer type wattmeter, at equilibrium?
  35. Which of the biomes has been increased in area by human activities?
  36. Which of the following energy conversion devices convert heat into work?
  37. The measure of dispersion is changed by a change of?
  38. Which one of the following measurement does not divide a set of observations into equal parts?
  39. The degree of peakedness is called?
  40. A chance variation in an observational process is?
  41. What is the ratio of amplitude of response to that of the input called?
  42. Which of the following demographic issues represents a challenge for human resource managers?
  43.  Value creating activities carried by internal departments of company are classified as?
  44. Which Radio Station already existed at the time of creation of Pakistan?
  45. How many outlets are permitted in a power circuit?
  46. Several machine tools can be controlled by a central computer in?
  47. The mean of a distribution is 23, the median is 24, and the mode is 25.5. It is most likely that this distribution is?
  48. Positive situational factors and internal capabilities is part of company’s?
  49. In Hajj, touching the Black Stone, is called?
  50. The branch of biology which deals with the abnormal development and their causes is called?

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