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Biology is the natural science that involves the study of life and living organisms, including their physical structure, chemical composition, function, development and evolution.Biology recognizes the cell as the basic unit of life, genes as the basic unit of heredity, and evolution as the engine that propels the creation of new species. Living organisms are open systems that survive by transforming energy and decreasing their local entropy to maintain a stable and vital condition defined as homeostasis. Biology divided into many specialized fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behaviour, origin, and distribution.Just follow the Mcqs online quiz being dispatched over here with respect to your preparation for entry admission test NTS PPSC OTS PTS and missllenous job exams simultaneously.

Here we have large collection of Biology Mcqs for all Students and jobs test preparation purpose. These Biology Mcqs will be updated on daily basis and added more multiple choice question about Biology frequently.You can prepare your Biology Subject for different classes like 9th class, 10th class ,11th class 12th class exams, Entry Test like MCAT NTS ,OTS ,PTS ,BTS, GTS, Jobs Test,Recruitment Test like PPSC CSS FPSC SPSC KPPSC and interviews here.

Biology Mcqs Online with Answers for NTS PPSC Entry Test Classes 


Biology Mcqs with Answers Solved.

Initially the classification was based on _________ of plants and animals.

Which type of nephron is specifically instrumental in the production of concentrated urine?

Which of the following statement about the heart of fishes is correct?

The oxygen evolved as by – product during photosynthesis is form?

The largest invertibrates animal is?

Which of the following statement is not true about protostomes?

Which of the pair is correctly matched?

Which order of classifactory divisions is correct?

No of Fatty Acids in Phosphatidic Acid is?

During contraction of muscles which of the following does not decrease?

Our brain cell contain?

Patients lack a gene that cods for trans-membrane carrier of the chloride ions in?

How many number of muscles in human body

The specific heat of vaporization of H2O is?

No. of bio elements?

Who for the first time argued from evidence that species were not specially created in their present forms, rather they had evolved from ancestral species?

What is our principle source of energy?

Hyoscyamus niger is a?

The space between lungs and pleural membrane termed as?

An association between two organisms, which brings benefit two both organisms is?

Saliva is collected in (cockroach) inside?

Hyponasty is due to?

Fruit wall is called?

Competition among species will be greatest if they attempt to occupy the same?

Sclerotization and impregation with calcium carbonate take place in?

Some balance or ratio between growth inhibitors and growth stimulators is involved in?

Part of the brain acting as realy station between hindbrain and forebrain is?

The cell with two nuclei are?

The electromagnetic ray used in sterilization process?

Highly convoluted portion of vas deferens is?

Change in frequency of alleles at a locus that occurs by chance is called?

A tiny hair like trigger, projection outside is known as?

The most common rust fungi is?

The two opposite and two parallel strands of DNA are held together by?

Organs structurally different but functionally alike are?

The distance between adjacent base pairs of DNA double helix is?

Scattered vascular bundles are present in the stem of?

Site for gaseous exchange in respiration system of man is?

Ecology is mainly concerned with?

Which of the following statement is not true about porifera?

The inactive non-conducting wood is called?

Most fossils are found in?

The chaetae are absent in?

Which one reduces the reproductive capacities of microbial cells?

In small pox raised fluid filled vesicles are formed?

The first cell of Gametophyte generation is?

Which one of the following reproduces asexually by “Budding”?

Frogs and toads all walk and hope on land due to its strong?

The soft part of the molluscan body has?

Complete mixing of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in ventricle is observed in?

Outermost extra-embryonic membrane around foetus is?

Aphids suck the phloem juices out of the green stems by inserting their delicate?

The most volume of chloroplast is covered by?

Which of the following can feed on all trophic levels?

Which one live in the bile duct of host?

Which of the following hormone is polypeptide in nature?

Wrist bones are called?

The cells that produce new cells for growth and development of plant are?

Only mucous saliva is secreted by?

At very high temperature globular structure essential for enzyme activity is lost and the enzyme is said to be?

Different classification systems recognizes about?

That association between organisms in which both partners get benefits each other is called?

Florigen hormone is produced in?

The organism used to reduce pollution of heavy metals by bio absorption?

Classification of algae is largely based on their?

The most abundant cartilage in human body is?

Energy currency of the cell is?

In which phase of menstrual cycle progesterone is released from corpus Luteum.

Genetic drift occurs in a population that is?

The organic compound needed to make artificial sugar is?

Tracheal tube system open to the exterior through openings called?

Devonian period belongs to which era?

Plant cells that have had cell wall removed are called?

Which of the following is not found in animal cells?

Spiny ant – eater is?

The technique of recording the electrical activity of the heart is?

Rasping organ of snail in called?

The oldest known fossils are?

Which of the following pair is mismatched?

Oils may contain upto?

Which of the following is not present in glomerular filtrate?

A team of Japanese scientists is working on introducing the C4 photosynthetic pathway into?

Gram positive bacteria stained?

Thinning of ozone layer and global warming are the harmful effects of?

Which of the following bone is included in “Appendicular skeleton”?

Circulatory system is well developed in?

what are the coelenterates?

Which of the following factor does not affect the gene frequency?

Which phase of menstrual cycle ends with ovulation?

Structure comparable to the organs of the body are?

Which of the following is a genetic disorder?

Amount of DNA / Nucleus (in picogram) in chicken Red blood in?

The areas of the lungs in which gas exchange does not takes place is called?

The basic element of organic compound is?

Which of the following inhibit the growth of Micro-organism on living Surface?

Which of the following is not a viral disease?

No of carbon atoms in glucopyranose ring?

The branch of biology which deals with the study of abnormal developments and their causes is?

Heart is present inside?

Nuclic Acids were 1st isolated in?

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