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Biology is the natural science that involves the study of life and living organisms, including their physical structure, chemical composition, function, development and evolution.Biology recognizes the cell as the basic unit of life, genes as the basic unit of heredity, and evolution as the engine that propels the creation of new species. Living organisms are open systems that survive by transforming energy and decreasing their local entropy to maintain a stable and vital condition defined as homeostasis. Biology divided into many specialized fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behaviour, origin, and distribution.Just follow the Mcqs online quiz being dispatched over here with respect to your preparation for entry admission test NTS PPSC OTS PTS and missllenous job exams simultaneously.

Here we have large collection of Biology Mcqs for all Students and jobs test preparation purpose. These Biology Mcqs will be updated on daily basis and added more multiple choice question about Biology frequently.You can prepare your Biology Subject for different classes like 9th class, 10th class ,11th class 12th class exams, Entry Test like MCAT NTS ,OTS ,PTS ,BTS, GTS, Jobs Test,Recruitment Test like PPSC CSS FPSC SPSC KPPSC and interviews here.

Biology Mcqs Online with Answers for NTS PPSC Entry Test Classes 


Biology Mcqs with Answers Solved.

Absorption of water and minerals takes place in?

Which enzymes seals the foreign peace of DNA into the vector?

Multi sensory hydraulic values are?

Commonly used restriction enzyme is?

Haemophilia B is due to disturbance in factor?

The most abundant protein in chloroplast is?

Who modified five kingdom system of Robert Whittaker?

Hormone of adrenal cortex is?

The substance which cannot across the cell membrane more easily are?

Which one of the following is cranial and paired bone?

The incorrect statement about active site is?

In favourable conditions slime mold spores germinate into?

Which principle part of the food is digested in stomach?

Amount of lipids in plasma membrane is about?

What statement about species is not true?

Ecology is mainly concerned with?

Which of the following enzymes works best in basic medium?

Which is correct food chain?

Only one pair of chromosome is present in?

Meiosis does not occur at?

Who said in 1902 that plant cells are totripotcnt?

Discharge of blood from blood vessels is known as?

Which division of nervous system prepares the body for stressful and energetic activity fight or flight?

The organic compound needed to make artificial sugar is?

A large regional community primarily determined by climates is known as?

Large intestine also harbors a large population of bacteria that synthesize some vitamins especially vitamin?

In most animals the epithelium which separates air and blood is only?

The idea of inheritance of acquired characteristics was presented by?

A flower is a modified?

The shape of the diaphragm is more dome like when its muscles are?

In round worms muscles are arranged into?

If the DNA in all of the cells of an adult human were lined up end to end, it would stretch nearly?

Number of RBC’s formed and destroyed every second in a normal person is?

What is the function of heat – shock proteins in plants?

Layering is the characteristics features of?

Ovulation is the liberation of the ovum from ovary into the?

A substance that inhibit blood clotting is?

Naked seeded plants are called?

The first eukaryote appeared about ________ years ago.

The two opposite and two parallel strands of DNA are held together by?

Initially the classification was based on _________ of plants and animals.

The total inside capacity of lungs is about?

Another name of internal Morphology is?

The body cavity of arthropods is called?

XXY individual produced through non disjunctional gametes in Drosophila is a fertile

Number of cranial nerves present in the brain of bony fishes?

Effect of adrenaline and noradrenalin in raising blood pressure is?

The amount of DNA in germ cells (sperm & ova) is ______ to that of somatic cells?

Non-myelinated nerve fibres are present in?

The utilization of the products of digestion for production of energy or synthesis of cellular material is termed as?

Short-term fluctuations in temperature, humidity, cloud cover, wind and precipitation over periods of hours or days is?

The condition in which one of sex chromosome is missing is known as?

The soft part of the molluscan body has?

Florigen hormone is produced in?

In 1840.s, staple food of Irish people was?

Which of the following is biotic component of ecosystem?

Heart is present inside?

Hyoscyamus niger is a?

Pelvic and leg bones are useless vestiges in?

Who discovered bacteria?

Biennial and perennial plants are stimulated to flower by exposure to low temperature. This is called?

Establishment of new forest where no forest existed before is known as?

The branch of biology which deals with the study of aging is called?

The overall patterns of weather that prevail from year to year even century to-century in a particular region is called?

A group of ribosomes attached to mRNA are known as?

Genetic drift occurs in a population that is?

Which of the following organic nutrient in the blood serves as a precursor of steroid hormone?

In gene sequencing, the DNA fragments are separated by a process known as?

The incidence of calcium phosphate kidney stones is about?

In planaria undigested food is egested through the?

No of layers in cell wall is?

Parasite causing African sleeping sickness is transmitted by the bite of infected?

The removal apex releases the lateral buds from apical dominance. It is called?

Which of the following is not related to Oomycota?

The plasma membrane and everything present within is known as?

Plant cells that have had cell wall removed are called?

A marine coelenterate that exhibits alternations of generations is?

Amount of CO2 in 100 ml of venous blood is?

Spherical shape virus is?

The study internal state of homeostasis is known as?

Which of the following is not present in glomerular filtrate?

An integumented, indehiscent magasporangium is known as?

That association between organisms in which both partners get benefits each other is called?

The destruction of all life forms is?

The organs which can least withstand to anoxia?

First living organism evolved about?

What is the function of brown fats in mammals?

The center of most unconscious emotional behaviors, such as love hatred hunger, sexual responses and fear is?

Number of ascospores in each Ascus is?

Which of the following statement is not true about porifera?

Complete mixing of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in ventricle is observed in?

Which phase of menstrual cycle ends with ovulation?

A chlorophyll molecule has?

The distribution of organism in space can be studied through?

Which of the following statement is incorrect about photorespiration?

The cork tissue has special pores called?

All bacteria are?

A parasitic angiosperms that lack chlorophyll is?

Wrist bones are called?

Which of the following characteristics of viruses is not like that of living things?

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