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Biology is the natural science that involves the study of life and living organisms, including their physical structure, chemical composition, function, development and evolution.Biology recognizes the cell as the basic unit of life, genes as the basic unit of heredity, and evolution as the engine that propels the creation of new species. Living organisms are open systems that survive by transforming energy and decreasing their local entropy to maintain a stable and vital condition defined as homeostasis. Biology divided into many specialized fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behaviour, origin, and distribution.Just follow the Mcqs online quiz being dispatched over here with respect to your preparation for entry admission test NTS PPSC OTS PTS and missllenous job exams simultaneously.

Here we have large collection of Biology Mcqs for all Students and jobs test preparation purpose. These Biology Mcqs will be updated on daily basis and added more multiple choice question about Biology frequently.You can prepare your Biology Subject for different classes like 9th class, 10th class ,11th class 12th class exams, Entry Test like MCAT NTS ,OTS ,PTS ,BTS, GTS, Jobs Test,Recruitment Test like PPSC CSS FPSC SPSC KPPSC and interviews here.

Biology Mcqs Online with Answers for NTS PPSC Entry Test Classes 


Biology Mcqs with Answers Solved.

Establishment of new forest where no forest existed before is known as?

Nucleohiston play important role in regulation of?

Which of the following muscles is inserted in the ulna?

In planaria undigested food is egested through the?

Biorhythms may show periodicity of about 24 hours called?

Total number of endocrine glands / tissues?

Which of the following inhibit the growth of Micro-organism on living Surface?

Poly siphonia is an example of?

Total bones in human skull is?

Who for the first time argued from evidence that species were not specially created in their present forms, rather they had evolved from ancestral species?

Who introduced binomial nomenclature for naming species?

Sciatica results due to injury of?

Complete mixing of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in ventricle is observed in?

In peritoneal dialysis, peritoneal cavity is filled with dialysis fluid that enters the body through a?

The functional specificity of every enzyme is due to its?

Generals hormones are?

Number of cranial nerves present in the brain of bony fishes?

Non-surgical removal of kidney stone is?

What is the function of brown fats in mammals?

Which one is Globular protein?

Permeability of gram negative bacteria is?

A shipworm damages wooden parts of the ship is?

The electromagnetic ray used in sterilization process?

95% of our daily energy requirements are met with?

The algal partners in a lichen?

Which of the following is caused by RNA enveloped virus?

Today crop production is limited by effects of Salinization at about?

Which of the following process probably freed living organisms from dwindling supply of nutrients?

In which type of learning reasoning is involved?

In favourable conditions slime mold spores germinate into?

In plant long term co-ordination is brought about through?

A common genetic code is the evolutionary evidence from?

Which one play important role in the maintenance f cell shape?

In honeybees, union of sperm and egg result into the development of diploid except?

Testosterone is produced by?

In small pox raised fluid filled vesicles are formed?

The most volume of chloroplast is covered by?

During contraction of muscles which of the following does not decrease?

What is function of Epiodidmysis?

The marginal area of the blastoderm in the cells remain undetached from the yolk and closely adherent to it is called the?

Vitamin “D” deficiency causes?

The chaetae are absent in?

Site for urea cycle in the body is?

Which of the following conditions is related to conduction of nerve impulse?

In arthropods nitrogenous wastes are excreted in the form of?

What is the correct route of urine from kidneys to out of body?

The lymph vessels empty in?

Bacteriograph viruses that infect bacteria were discovered independent by?

Commonly used restriction enzyme is?

Sclerotization and impregation with calcium carbonate take place in?

Nervous system design is highly co – related with animals?

Adjustment in the body postures to economize heat loss and heat gain is?

Which is correct about co-factor?

According to Endosymbiont hypothesis aerobic bacteria develop into?

The organisms which obtain energy directly or indirectly from producers as ready made organic food are called?

Which of the following have sheet like body?

Apart from urea, which of these does mammalian urine also contains?

In which phase of menstrual cycle progesterone is released from corpus Luteum.

The cross bridges of sarcomeres in skeletol muscles are usually made up of?

Patients lack a gene that cods for trans-membrane carrier of the chloride ions in?

Which of the following has maximum surface area to volume ratio?

Wave of blood pressure or pulse due to heartbeat can be defected in?

Histamine acts usually on smooth muscles of?

The company sequenced the entire genome is?

Which of the following may be the most primitive of all eukaryotic life forms?

Which of the following statement is not true about protostomes?

Asexual phase of the life cycle of malarial parasite is complete in?

Which of the following is not Angiosperms?

Embryo sac consist of?

Which of the following technique astronauts can use for growing vegetables?

The most abundant cartilage in human body is?

Total no. of species discovered?

Which of the following is true about mammals?

Movement of materials against concentration gradient through plasma membrane is termed as?

The edge of fern sporangium is divided?

Which of the following is anti viral / anti cancer protein?

Absorption of water and minerals takes place in?

Meiosis does not occur at?

Grass land present in temperate climates are also called?

Heart is present inside?

Which ecological term refers to more than one species?

Which of the following pair is mismatched?

If the amount of enzyme is increase by two fold the reaction rate is?

The total inside capacity of lungs is about?

Seal / fish food relationship is?

A preferable vehicle for a biotechnology product is known as?

Cohesion tension theory was proposed by?

Which one of the following is a kind of chemical link b/w catabolism and anabolism?

Protein present in microbubules is?

Antibodies are manufactured by?

The second major producers of aquatic ecosystem is?

Menstrual blood not clot due to?

The stomach is situated below the diaphragm on the?

The cork tissue has special pores called?

Which of the following is not a midhight grass in grass land ecosystem?

True statement about lung cancer is?

The space between lungs and pleural membrane termed as?

What is Prophage?

A parasitic angiosperms that lack chlorophyll is?

Leaves of the ferns are?

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