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Electrical engineering is a professional engineering discipline that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.This field first became an identifiable occupation in the later half of the 19th century after commercialization of the electric telegraph, the telephone, and electric power distribution and use.Electrical engineering has now subdivided into a wide range of subfields including electronics, digital computers, computer engineering, power engineering, telecommunications, control systems, radio-frequency engineering, signal processing, instrumentation, and microelectronics.Electrical engineers typically hold a degree in electrical engineering or electronic engineering. Practicing engineers may have professional certification and be members of a professional body.Electrical engineers work in a very wide range of industries and the skills required are likewise variable. These range from basic circuit theory to the management skills required of a project manager. Just follow the Mcqs online quiz being dispatched over here with respect to your preparation for entry admission test NTS PPSC OTS PTS and missllenous job exams simultaneously.

Here we have large collection of Electrical Engineering Mcqs for all Students and jobs test preparation purpose. These Electrical Engineering Mcqs will be updated on daily basis and added more multiple choice question about Electrical Engineering frequently.You can prepare your Electrical Engineering Subject for different classes like 9th class, 10th class ,11th class 12th class exams, Entry Test like MCAT NTS ,OTS ,PTS ,BTS, GTS, Jobs Test,Recruitment Test like PPSC CSS FPSC SPSC KPPSC and interviews here.

Electrical Engineering Mcqs Online With Answers for NTS PPSC PTS  Entry Test Classes

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Mcqs with Answers Solved

The basic function of electronic ballast is?

What is the reason for excess reading of the energy meter?

Reduced voltage can be applied across the stator circuit by?

Three phase induction motor is not suitable for traction purpose because?

What is the use of current transformers?

Flood lighting is used for?

Which section in the IE Act deals with the ‘theft of energy’?

The man made noise sources is / are?

The dielectric strength of air gap is?

Copper losses is proportional to ?

With the increase in the intensity of light, the resistance of a photovoltaic cell?

EPRI stands for?

The cut – in voltage for silicon and germanium are?

In an electrodynamic instrument, the number of control springs present is / are?

The transformer ratio of the transformer depends upon the?

Leclanche cell Daniel cell is an example of?

The non coincidence between loading and unloading curves is known as?

The load carried by V – V connection is?

In current commutated DC-DC choppers, the voltage spike appears across the load when?

The maximum firing angle in the half wave controlled regulator is?

In a power station, the cost of generation of power reduces most effectively when?

If the transformer is loaded then the secondary terminal voltage falls for and rises for?

Among the following damping method, the most effective and efficient damping is?

The Laser Beam Machining process can be carried out, when the media for energy transfer between tool and workpiece is?

Vibration galvanometer are generally used?

With increase in temperature of the body, the emission of light waves is?

If an electrostatic voltmeter is used on AC circuit and has non uniform waves, then it will read?

In a square – wave operation of 3 phase CSIs, the power values are on for?

If the transformation ratio of an autotransformer is given by V2 / V1 then the ratio of power transferred to that of input power is given by?

For what voltage is the H type of poles used?

In a steam power station, electric power is generated at what power?

Proximity effect is due to the current flowing in the?

Which material has a lower dielectric strength at 50 Hz?

By using which component can the transient stability limit of a power system be improved?

Current transformers and potential transformers are used to increase the ranges of?

In a three phase transformer, the angle between two consecutive cores is?

The zero drift is measured in units of?

The advantage of rectifier type welding set is?

The capacitance effect can be neglected in which among the transmission lines?

The rotational speed of an AC induction motor depends on the?

Buzzer in principle is a bell?

The opposite of susceptibility is?v

The Schering bridges can be used at?

Which type of cable does not require bedding?

When a fault occurs in a high voltage transmission line, what happens first?

In fibre – optic level sensors, the amount of light loss depends on?

The braking torque of induction type single – phase energy meter is?

What is the advantage of the static capacitors?

The fusing current of a fuse depends on its?

Which among the following is / are used for the solution of load flow using FDLF method?

SF6 is which type of gas?

AC power in a load can be controlled by using?

The multiplying factor of electrostatic voltmeters is given by?

The product of rms values of current and voltage is called as?

In percussion welding, the heat is produced by a rapid discharge of stored electrical energy from?

Impurities are generally added in the pure semiconductor to?

If the frequency of electrodynamic power factor meter is doubled then its reading will become?

In an autotransformer if the power transferred inductively is equal to the power conducted through, then transformation ratio is given by?

Wheatstone bridge is suitable for the measurement of?

The meter of a vibrating reed frequency meter depends for its indications on the?

What is the expression for the amplitude of the reflected wave?

Where is the synchronous motor drive with cycloconverters used?

Which among these devices are required for manual control of induction motors?

For a typical AC power supply, the secondary transmission carries the voltage of?

In constant frequency PWM, at perturbation the amplitude of the sinusoidal component is a?

The frequency of the induced emf in an induction motor is?

Which method of voltage control is applied for long line AC transmissions?

What happens to the zero sequence currents, if the neutral in the Y connection is absent?

What is the maximum number of lighting points that can be connected in a circuit?

For application in electric locomotives or for traction purposes, the most suitable motor is?

The starting torque and power factor of shaded pole induction motor?

Induction type instruments are generally used as?

What data is provided from the no load test on induction motors?

On what factor does the operating speed of the relay depend?

What is the breaking capacity of the air blast circuit breaker?

What is the speed range of poly phase Commutator motors?

The electric power from primary distribution line is delivered to distribution substations by using?

The range of electrostatic voltmeter can be extended by using?

The resistance of an electric arc can be increased by?

Reactive power is measured in terms of?

The amount of flux density set up in the core is dependent upon?

Unipolar modulation is generally used in?

Double fourier series analysis of PWM is?

Lux is the unit of?

In electrodynamic instruments, the operating field is produced by?

What is the advantage of HRC fuses over Rewirable fuses?

For extinguishing arc in an high voltage fuses, the element can be immersed in?

For the measurement of unknown inductance in terms of known capacitance, the suitable ac bridges are?

The effects of EMI can be reduced by?

Zero sequence currents cannot flow in which of the following connections?

Why are load flow studies carried out?

Which alloy is used as electrical resistance alloy?

The potential transformers are used to measure large voltage using?

If a current of 5A flows through a resistor of 12 ohm then the power developed and the energy dissipated in 2 minutes are?

Why are the ternary lead cables used near the railway tracks?

For regenerative braking, the motor which is not suitable is?

Which type of tripping is generally preferred for the circuit breaker?

A single phase line has two parallel conductors 2 metre apart. The diameter of each conductor is 1.2 cm. What is the loop inductance per km of the line?

Filters are used to convert?

In voltaic cell, anode and cathode of the cell is?

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