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Current Affairs is the Events of political or social interest and importance happening in the world at the present time.Current affairs is a genre of broadcast journalism where the emphasis is on detailed analysis and discussion of news stories that have recently occurred or are ongoing at the time of broadcast.This differs from regular news broadcasts that place emphasis on news reports presented for simple presentation as soon as possible, often with a minimum of analysis. It is also different from the news magazine show format, in that the events are discussed immediately. Just follow the Mcqs online quiz being dispatched over here with respect to your preparation for entry admission test NTS PPSC OTS PTS and miscellaneous job exams simultaneously.

Here we have large collection of Pakistan Current Affairs Mcqs for all Students and jobs test preparation purpose. These Pakistan Current Affairs Mcqs will be updated on daily basis and added more multiple choice question about Pakistan Current Affairs frequently.You can prepare your Pakistan Current Affairs Subject for different classes like 9th class, 10th class ,11th class 12th class exams, Entry Test like MCAT NTS ,OTS ,PTS ,BTS, GTS, Jobs Test,Recruitment Test like PPSC CSS FPSC SPSC KPPSC and interviews here.

Pakistan Current Affairs Mcqs Online With  Answers for NTS PPSC Entry Test Classes

Pakistan Current Affairs

Pakistan Current Affairs Mcqs with Answers online

Who become first Pakistani umpire, who was honoured by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) with Golden Whistle for supervising 100 senior international hockey matches ?

Pakistan movement worker Fatima Sughra died at the age of _____________on 25 september 2017?

Due to which militant group, Iran threatened Pakistan that they would hit bases of Militants inside Pakistan?

From 2006 to 2017, How many policemen of KP police Department martyred?

The current Chairman of NA Standing Committee on foreign affairs?

Who hoisted the largest national flag in the history of Pakistan at Wagah Border on the eve of Pakistan’s 70th anniversary?

Last summit of ECO Economic Cooperation Organization was held at?

Current official visit on 5th November 2017 of COAS of pakistan was to which county?

Who is the current chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board?

Pakistani Team Bag ___________at iGEM 2017?

Who is first Pakistan lady Pilot died at the age of 82 years due to Cancer on 16 May-2017?

According to World Bank’s logistics index, Pakistan stands at__________ position out of 160 economies?

The federal cabinet has approved a proposal in November 2017 to issue 50,000 pieces of commemorative 50-rupee coins in honour of the late humanitarian?

World’s oldest’ 48-feet long Buddha statue unearthed in?

According to Provisional results of sixth population census, Total Population of FATA is?

Who is Heading the three-member judge bench of supreme court of Pakistan hearing Panama Leaks case ?

Pakistan Tops ICC T20I Rankings for the first time on?

Which Two Political Parties Merged on 8 Nov 2017?

Who becomes the first Pakistan player to achieve a hat-trick in Twenty20 internationals?

Longest serving prime minister of Pakistan?

World Health Organisation (WHO) has accredited the first-ever Pakistani drug named?

Japan Foundation in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan and Pakistan National Council of the Arts showcased an eye-catching photo exhibition, which was titled?

Admiral Zafar Mehmood Abbasi is the_______________Chief of Naval Staff?

9th D-8 Summit conference on 20th october 2017 was held in?

Who is the Current Pakistani High Commissioner to india?

Name the Additional Inspector General (AIG) who was martyred on 24th November 2017 in Peshawar?

In Pakistan _______% of the population lives below the national poverty line (2017)?

Who recently conferred with King Abdul Aziz Medal of Excellence (Highest Military Award of Saudi Arabia)?

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa was awarded a______________for promotion of Defence ties between Pakistan and Turkey on 20th June 2017?

Dr Ruth Pfau, a symbol of selflessness and devotion to leprosy patients, passed away at the age of____________in Karachi?

Who is the Current Governor of khyber pakhtunkhwa (KPK)?

Which controversial clause in the amended Election Bill 2017 allows disqualified politicians to hold a public office or to lead a political party?

Who was declared the man-of-the-match in the final T20 of Independence Cup?

According to Provisional results of sixth population census, Total Population of KPK is?

According to Provisional results of sixth population census, Total Population of ISLAMABAD is?

Who is the current IG of Balochistan Police?

Total Population of Females after Provisional results of sixth population Census 2017 in Pakistan is ?

Pakistan thrashed India by 180 runs to clinch the Champions Trophy title in a thrilling competition at London’s ___________ ground on 18 June 2017?

Who is the incumbent chairman of Council of Islamic Ideology (CII)?

Who is the Current President of International Court of Justice(ICJ) ?

Who is the Current High Commissioner of India to Pakistan?

Current President of Azad Kashmir is ?

Which High court orders drug tests of students studying in educational institutions across the Province ?

PM Nawaz Sharif became the first sitting prime minister to record a statement before a joint investigation team (JIT) probing his family’s alleged corruption on?

Nawab Akbar Bugti was Assassinated on?

When was the first time Quaid’s daughter Dina Wadia visited Pakistan for the First time?

Which country recently introduces Visa on Arrival Facility to Pakistani travellers?

First ever Chinese Newspaper was launched in Pakistan is?

Name the first Chinese bank operating in Pakistan?

How many Political Parties are Registered with Election Commission of Pakistan ?

Who is the Current Deputy Chairman Planning Commission of Pakistan?

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi speech UN general Assembly on?

State Bank recently grants banking licence to which Chinese Bank ?

Who is the current Chairman of NAB ( National Accountability Bureau) Pakistan?

Who is the Current Law Minister of KPK ?

Who is the current Director General Military Intelligence (MI) of Pakistan?

Who is the Current IG of Punjab Police?

The 2018 Men’s Hockey World Cup to be held at?

When was Admiral Zakka Ullah retired from Chief of the Naval Staff of Pakistan Navy?

ICC Champions Trophy was inaugurated as the ICC Knock Out Tournament in 1998 and then its name was changed to the ICC Champions Trophy in?

Who is the Current Chairman Of HEC ?

which Pakistani woman included in the list of 100 inspirational women all over the world?

Paradise Papers expose ex-PM____________of Pakistan who had offshore holdings?

According to the Global Travel and Tourism Report 2017 by the World Economic Forum, Pakistan ranked _______most unsafe country for tourists?

Paradise Leaks data originates from which law firm?

Vice Admiral Zafar Mehmood Abbasi became Chief of Naval Staff on?

Which 1500 years old temple is currently being rehabilitated in Sindh?

Pakistan Army launched Operation Khyber-4 under Radd-ul-Fasaad (RuF) to “wipe out terrorists” in?

9th BRICS summit was held on______________in Xiamen, China?

Bank of China begins 1st operation in which city of Pakistan on 7th november 2017?

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation SCO 17th summit was held in ?

Who is the Current President of Pakistan Muslim League N ( PMLN)?

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation was setup in ?

Quaid-i-Azam’s daughter Dina Wadia passes away at the age of__________________ in London?

Pakistan’s population in 1998 was?

Pakistan Consulate Staffer who recently died in Afghanistan?

Which Political Party for the first time in Pakistan will be using hologram technology to reach out its supporters?

The Population Census in Pakistan, carried out by?

Who is the Current Captain of Pakistan Woman Cricket Team ?

Height of the largest national flag of Pakistan is?

Shahid Khaqan Abbssi is the_________Prime Minister of Pakistan?

Bank Alfalah partners with__________for online purchases?

Pakistan becomes first nation to benefit from China’s ?

Who has been appointed as Corps Commander Lahore?

Who is the current IG of Azad Kashmir AJK Police?

In the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, which player received the ICC GOLDEN BAT AWARD?

Who is the Current interior minister of Pakistan?

Which Pakistani boxer maintained his position as World Boxing Council’s (WBC) number one ?

Name the former Chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) , who got jailed in Chaudhry Sugar Mills record tampering case ?

International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition, 2017 held in?

In the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, which player received the ICC GOLDEN BALL AWARD?

Tenure of Ex Chairman NAB Qamar Zaman Chaudhry was from?

Faf Du Plessis (Captain of World XI International Squad) belongs to which Country ?

According to the latest research on smoking comsumption in Asia 2017 _______________ is at the top of the list?

Name the First Pakistani female to climb Spantik peak?

Pakistan was an observer at the SCO since?

Total Population of Males after Provisional results of sixth population Census 2017 in Pakistan is ?

One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) summit-2017 was held in May in?

Shahid Khaqan Abbassi sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan on?

Pakistan’s new Cabinet took oath on ______________ after Nawaz Sharif’s removal?

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