How To Check Who visited My WhatsApp Profile. WhatsApp could be a very fashionable instant electronic messaging app around the world. several WhatsApp users check another WhatsApp user’s profile like a photo, location, and different things. most people wish to grasp Who visited or viewed My WhatsApp Profile these days? However, WhatsApp doesn’t have the feature to present you with this sort of data on your device. However, there ought no to worry today we’ve to debate the way to know or check Who visited or viewed My WhatsApp Profile with the assistance of a third-party app.

Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile
How To Check Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile


WhatsApp is a free download traveler app for smartphones. WhatsApp uses the web to send messages, images, audio, or video. The service is incredibly kind of like text electronic messaging services, however, as a result of WhatsApp using the internet to send messages, the value of exploitation WhatsApp is considerably not up to texting. You’ll be able to conjointly use Whatsapp on your desktop, merely head to the Whatsapp website and transfer it to mackintosh or Windows. it’s fashionable for teenagers thanks to options like cluster chatting, voice messages, and placement sharing.

Features of WhatsApp

Users of WhatsApp can share their location in the time period over messages. they’ll also organize lists of contacts in order that they’ll quickly send messages to a lot of individuals in cluster chats through WhatsApp. most likely the most effective feature of WhatsApp is that it permits users to stay in reality with people living abroad, while not acquiring the international charges related to text messages.

How To Check Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile

In our reality check test, all of those Who visited My WhatsApp Profile apps got failed. Their claim is bogus. These apps cannot check those folks that see my WhatsApp profile. All the contacts listed beneath the “Visited” section are random. several of them don’t seem to be visiting your WhatsApp profile or status. You’ll ne’er get the proper answer to those queries as a result of it’s inconceivable to ascertain Who visited or viewed My WhatsApp Profile. WhatsApp can never compromise user information and privacy.

You can control who views your:

  • Last seen
  • profile photo
  • About info
  • WhatsApp status

You can set your “last seen”, “profile photo”, and “about info” to:

  • Everyone
  • My contacts
  • Nobody

Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile on Android

The only method a third-party application would be ready to verify Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile if they hack into the WhatsApp database, which might get you prohibited from WhatsApp services and once more isn’t a simple factor to do. Even though, we all know there’s no actual way of knowing Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile, the appliances mentioned below may be used as a gag joke. therewith out of the way, let’s refer to the application for a robot that claims to assist you to see who viewed your WhatsApp profile.

Who Viewed Me

The first application on this list is Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile, this application isn’t offered on the Google play store, as a result of condemned applications like these. Now, I’m positive you’ll tell however pretend this app is simply by viewing this. To me, this already screams “SCAM”. however the second you launch the app; it asks for permission to:

  • Build and manage phone calls
  • Access your contacts
  • Access your location

Now, if you’re reaching out to be victimization this application (even as a joke), I like to recommend you deny access to phone calls and site because an application as uncompleted as this could not be able to build phone calls and see wherever you live. Once you get the app up and running, you may get a slip-up saying, “the app was designed for an older version of Android”. This makes it terribly clear that this app has not been maintained. Once you faucet on the “Scan” button, the app shows you random names from your contacts. Sadly, it’s virtually nothing over a canonized dice roll. If you continue to need to transfer this application and take a look at it for yourself, you’ll get the APK from here:

Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile on IOS


WRevealer may be another app that permits you to search out Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile. in contrast to most apps that are initially available on humanoid, this application is accessible solely on iOS devices and unfortunately, there’s no Android version available.WRevealer is a Cydia tweak for iOS 8, nine + devices that allow you to Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile. It works on each iPad and iPhone, however, it needs you to escape your device. If it is, then you’ll quickly check Who Visited My WhatsApp Profilee. It’s a paid tweak, but they are doing offer a one-day trial that you’ll use to check if it works for real. If you’re not glad about it, you cancel your subscription.

  1. Install WRevealer on your device (assuming that you are just already savvy to put in an app on iOS).
  2. Once installation, once you open it, you may see a login screen.
  3. The app needs you to log in before you can use any of its features.
  4. you’ll produce an account if you are comfortable.
  5. Then open WhatsApp on your phone -> Contacts -> Refresh
  6. Once you’ve got done that, return to WRevealer and hit the ‘Search’ button on the correct side.

How to Know Who Viewed My WhatsApp Status

Are you attentive to WhatsApp standing? Yes, currently you’ll update your status on WhatsApp for the succeeding twenty-four hours. It is often something sort of a picture, multiple time period images, GIFs, or videos. You’ll get notified of your WhatsApp status views. Yes, it’s doable to line who can see my WhatsApp status.

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Tap the status tab.
  3. Tap on My Status > an inventory of all statuses will be shown.
  4. Tap on a status to visualize the views > search for the attention icon.
  5. Tap the eye icon to see > a listing of users can populate.