How to get free data from Zong. Zong is the first telecom company in Pakistan to offer reasonable packages to its customers. In this article, I will share several effective techniques for charging Zong SIM with the Internet. Free YouTube streaming can also be supported. . In this article, I will show you Zong’s free internet trick which is 100% working on Zong’s best 4G network in Pakistan. In this article, I will show you Zong Free Internet Trucks, Zong Free Internet Codes, Zong Free Internet Proxy 100% How to Use the Internet.

How to get free data from Zong

Let’s get started on Zong Sim without any charges. In today’s world, high-speed internet access is often considered. However, a large number of people in Africa and Asia still do not have access to good quality broadband, which is why Zong has launched a free internet code that allows users to customize their data plans. Will allow

How to get free data from Zong

Zong has many users who want to know about Zong’s free internet tricks. As a result, there is a huge amount of misleading information with fake codes and a lot of fake videos available online that claim to have free internet but in reality, they do not work at all. We will provide you with a few, but original, ways to get free Zong Internet. These are simple but realistic methods and do not involve any tricks.

Get Free Internet through My Zong App

All cellular networks in Pakistan have provided mobile apps to facilitate their customers. With these apps, users can get all the information about their accounts. You can check your mobile balance, activated offers, available offers and much more! So to persuade users to use their apps, companies are offering some great bonuses for users to install and use the app. Like other networks, Zong has its own app called MyZong app that you can download from the Play Store or click here to download.

Zong Free Data for Facebook

That’s all there is to social media today. Facebook is one of the most used social media, it is for all social media lovers. Did you know that you can enjoy free access to Facebook with your Zong SIM card? This is great news for all Zong Internet users. If you are not using Zong. I suggest you take one today. Here you can configure your Zong SIM for free on Facebook.

  • Zong is an unlimited data mode where you can access Facebook for free. You will see only text, not images.
  • It is valid for 24 hours.
  • No USSD code or subscription is required.
  • You can switch from the free mode to more payments where you can view photos and videos.
  • To enjoy the free mode of Facebook, without data on your data connection and it will connect automatically.

Zong Free Internet and Calls

Subscriber must dial * 22 # at least after recharging PKR. Get 50 2GB data incentive, 50 off-net minutes, and 1000 on-net minutes for 3 days.

Subscription method

To take advantage of the offer, dial * 22 # once after recharging PKR 50, and the Terms & Conditions are given below;

  • This offer is only available on prepaid Zong SIM activated (or port in). This offer is valid for 90 days from the date of SIM activation.
  • This offer is only valid for selected areas of Punjab.
  • Multiple pre-subscriptions are allowed within the 90-day eligibility period of the SIM activation date.
  • Subscriber must dial * 22 # at least after recharging PKR. Get 50 2GB data incentive, 50 off-net minutes, and 1000 on-net minutes for 3 days.
  • The offer may change at any time.
  • Your SIM is your identity. Use only SIMs issued by biometric verification – PTA
  • Unwanted and immoral (irrational) messages can be reported by sending SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA.
  • The said SIM card or personal cellular number is the exclusive property of CMPak and will remain so forever.

Zong Free Internet Truck 1

  • Download UC Handler.
  • Configuration for UC Handler: Real Proxy
  • Type: HTTP
  • Original Proxy Server:
  • Port: 80
  • Download Yoga VPN now and connect with default settings.
  • Enjoy free Zong Internet in UC Handler once you are connected.
  • Speed ​​is slow but enjoys it free.

Zong Free Internet Code Truck 2

  • Download UC Browser.
  • Now go to settings.
  • Open access points.
  • Create a new access point
  • Add the following details to your new profile.
  • APN: Zong Internet
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80
  • Now go to UC Browser, and also enjoy YouTube streaming with free 4G Zong Internet.

Zong 4g Free offer browser code

To get the Zong Free Browser offer, check the code below and also check the details on how to activate the free Zong offer.

  • Dial * 537 # and enjoy 1500 MB of free internet data.
  • If you enjoy using 500 MB for your WhatsApp, and Facebook, dial * 56 * 8 # 23 # and enjoy Zong Internet Offer.
  • Dial * 117 * 111 * 2 # to enjoy 2GB zong data.
  • Zong Free SMS and Free Mints 2024
  • If you want free minutes and free SMS on Zong sim, here’s the easy way:
  • To subscribe to this offer just dial: * 303 #
  • After dialing you receive free SMS and free Zong minutes.
  • Offer information: 100 minutes daily and 100 SMS
  • Offer period: 3 days
  • Offer Charges: Zero
  • Now you are enjoying free SMS and free minutes on Zong.