Recover All WhatsApp Deleted Media Files. If you are a regular user of WhatsApp, it is easy to recover accidentally deleted photos in WhatsApp. After an accidental tap, you may be wondering how to recover deleted WhatsApp photos. You are probably already familiar with most of the functions of the application; however, retrieving a photo or other document file from WhatsApp can be very complicated.For example, when a user deletes an image from WhatsApp, the file is removed from the conversation and, by default, does not appear in your phone’s Gallery app. So, the question is how to download deleted photos from WhatsApp? If you find yourself in this situation, there are several options for retrieving this image that you accidentally deleted.

Recover All WhatsApp Deleted Media Files
How to Recover All WhatsApp Deleted Media Files

WhatsApp Data Gets Deleted?

Data loss of this application gets affected due to

Restoring Factory Setting,
Flashing ROM,
Formatting phone,
Rooting of Phone,
uninstalling WhatsApp and so on
Methods to Recover WhatsApp Media from Android

Let’s see how to Recover All WhatsApp Deleted Media Files. We’ll look at possible ways to get your photos back and what you need to know about this misfortune.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos from Auto Backup Android

This application has become a more sophisticated and reliable way of communicating, regardless of which network your friends are using. This messenger service is very powerful and provides many features to its users to Recover All WhatsApp Deleted Media Files. This application automatically backs up every 24 hours and this technique makes the program more reliable where users can recover their lost data in case of corruption. If you accidentally deleted your WhatsApp photos, you can recover All WhatsApp Deleted Media Files from backup. Accidental deletion of photos is a common occurrence, but there is no need to be unhappy about it as you can retrieve these photos using the WhatsApp Auto Backup feature.

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp first and then uninstall it.
  2.  After confirming your phone number, you’ll be asked to restore chats and media from local backups.
  3. Click on this option to start restoring media and chat.
    This step will help to Recover All WhatsApp Deleted Media Files, including photos.
  4. Now you can easily access them on your device.

Check if someone else has your data

Yes, this is possible and Recover All WhatsApp Deleted Media Files because you sent photos or videos or audio files to your friends or colleagues and later deleted them from your chat. But the person who received your WhatsApp data may have it with you. So you should ask this person if he can send you this data back. This can only happen when you select the data and click on the “Delete for me” option. This process only deletes data from you but not the other person.

Recover WhatsApp files from internal storage

You may already know how to recover deleted photos/videos/images from WhatsApp but this method is almost similar to the backup method. WhatsApp uses the same storage space to store media files. To Recover All WhatsApp Deleted Media Files, follow these steps:

  • First, run the File Explorer app on the Android device and then find a folder called WhatsApp in the internal memory. You can even connect your device to a computer and open a media folder using Windows File Explorer.
  • You will find media, database, and profile pictures in the WhatsApp folder. Now open the media folder and you can see all the data like photos, videos, audios, wallpapers, voice notes, calls, etc. that you have sent or received.
  • Each WhatsApp Images, Audios & Videos folder contains the folder whose name is sent, this folder also contains the files that you have sent to others. Open any of them to retrieve your data.

Check the WhatsApp media folder on your phone

This step is only for Android users as iPhone users do not have access to browse their file system. By default, WhatsApp saves every image you send and receive in a folder. While you can delete a picture from chat and still put it in this folder on your phone. So first, if your phone doesn’t come with the default application, download the File Explorer app. Then go to the WhatsApp folder in your root storage. Now find the WhatsApp Images folder inside the Media folder and then the Media folder. Here you should see all the pictures that you have received on WhatsApp. Inside this folder is a sent folder containing all the images that you have sent? Although it may seem difficult to find an image out of thousands of images, the success rate of this method is very high and it is definitely worth a try. Maybe you can easily go with your WhatsApp Photo Recovery and Recover All WhatsApp Deleted Media Files.

Using a Recovery Application for WhatsApp deleted

A simple Google search to help you retrieve WhatsApp images will show you dozens of programs that promise solutions to Recover All WhatsApp Deleted Media Files. This may sound interesting, and you may feel that it is a ray of hope, but the reality is very serious because most of them do not work.