How to reset and restore your Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. The iPhone 13 is the newest mobile in Apple’s library, but there are also items where you may want to trade it for a single item or sell it to get some cash back on completely different purchase. When you do not reset your phone, it is forced to include your photos, information on your phone, and various other things. Not only should all data be deleted, but you may have to return the phone to its original state.

How to reset and restore your Apple iPhone

Another problem with the Apple iPhone thirteen professional max is that it works terribly slowly, it hangs, you would like to bypass the screen lock, or the memory is full, and you want to erase everything, otherwise you want to sell it or wish to give and you want no one to do. Access your files and passwords. You’ll do a factory reset to induce it back to normal. within the following steps, we tend to justify the way to format the Apple iPhone 13 pro max to erase all of your data and clear it as presently because it comes out of the store.

How to reset and restore your Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

You should detain mind that resetting the mobile or returning to the plant state deletes all its contents, thus if you are doing not need to lose everything, you must keep a copy of your data before doing so. Reset Apple iPhone Thirteen Pro Max should support the information you have. Below are mentioned a few steps to rest the iPhone handset.

Restore iPhone from a computer backup

  • Using USB, connect the new or deleted iPhone to your backup computer.
  • Inside the Finder sidebar on your Mac: Select your iPhone, then click Trust.
  • To use Finder to restore the iPhone from backup, macOS 10.15 or later is required.
  • With older versions of macOS, use iTunes to restore from backup.
  • Inside the iTunes app on Windows PC: If you have multiple devices connected to your computer.
  • Click the device icon at the top left of the iTunes window.
  • Then select your new or recently deleted iPhone from the list. Do ۔
  • On the Welcome screen, click “Restore from this backup”, select your backup from the list, and then click Continue.
  • If your backup is encrypted, you must enter a word before restoring your files and settings.

How to enter recovery mode on iPhone 13

Entering recovery mode is sort of a force restart process, with a number of differences.

 1st and foremost, to induce into recovery mode, you would like to attach your iPhone thirteen to a computer with a Lightning to USB cable. If this can be the primary time connecting your iPhone thereto an explicit computer, make certain to faucet the trust button that seems and enter your iPhone’s passcode to pair. Take the subsequent steps immediately:

Step 1: Press Volume Up and release.

Step 2: Press Volume Down and Release.

Step 3: Press and hold the facet button till the pc glyptic art connect is displayed on your iPhone 13′ display.

If connected to a Mac, you must see a Finder window indicating that your iPhone is in recovery mode. macOS will then provide you with the choice to update to the newest version of iOS, keep your data, or restore iOS, which is able to install the latest and cleanest version of iOS.

How to get out of recovery mode on iPhone 13

Getting out of recovery mode is easy. Just press and hold the side button on the right side of your iPhone until the connection to the computer glyph disappears. Your iPhone will then restart on the lock screen.