How to Hide Last Seen Status on Your WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a usual instant messaging app used to send messages, photos, audio, and video. With the increase in WhatsApp individuals, people looking different WhatsApp tricks like hiding Last Seen Status on Your WhatsApp on android mobile or exactly how to hide online on WhatsApp? I already uploaded some insane WhatsApp methods like how to hide WhatsApp profile pictures Hide Last Seen on Your WhatsApp and Hide Last Seen on Your WhatsApp. I will certainly check out exactly how to conceal last seen on WhatsApp yet still see others. This WhatsApp has last seen hack develop differences between you and your buddies.

How to Hide Last Seen Status on Your WhatsApp

 Let’s see how you can Freeze your last seen condition online without much trouble. Freezing your’ last seen’ indicates you can appear as if you were online 8 hours ago while you were on the internet just 8 seconds ago. Hey, as we claimed, this is a no-court area. This suggests the individual who examines your online condition will see the icy timestamp of your last seen. You froze it to ‘Last Seen at 12:45 pm’. This suggests your calls will maintain seeing that time while your genuine last seen is 3:54 pm.This suggests that you can appear as if you were online some hours ago while you are on the internet or simply some seconds back. The individual who looks at your on the internet condition will see the icy timestamp. For example, if you freeze it to “Last Seen at 1:00 pm, ” all your contacts will keep the same last seen even if you were online a few seconds earlier.

How to Freeze WhatsApp Last Seen

WhatsApp has excellent deals of extensive attributes like “blue ticks”, “last seen”, and “Online”. Sometimes, these attributes are not too helpful for specific customers. “Last seen on” indicate when an individual last time online. WhatsApp also offers you a personal privacy setting to ensure that you can hide last seen the condition on WhatsApp will show you exactly how to hide the last seen condition on WhatsApp and freeze WhatsApp’s last seen. So, you can set fake last seen WhatsApp condition or program older last seen time. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? I likewise clarify to you Just how to Conceal the Last Seen Condition on WhatsApp from every person or a specific individual.

  • First of all, go to WhatsApp Settings >> Privacy.
  • Currently, go to the Last seen section and pick ‘My contacts’ for the last seen exposure.
  • Delete the person from your get in touch with the list, and the last seen information will no more appear for the individual. 
  • Upon erasing that number from your phone contact listing, your last seen information will not show up to that particular person.

WhatsApp plus 

WhatsApp plus is also a preferred application that includes a lot even more functions than WhatsApp. The primary process of this application is to set up produce a substitute for your existing WhatsApp application. Besides hard the last seen time, WhatsApp Plus has helpful functions like Recording, Blue Ticks, 2nd Tick, etc.

  • To freeze or conceal the last seen on WhatsApp, adhere to the steps:
  • Open your net link as well as set up WhatsApp Plus application.
  • Provide some time for the application to mount. 
  • Once the application is effectively mounted, open the application and click on the menu.
  • A brand-new bar would certainly open stating various groups. 
  • Once you see this long list of options, click on the privacy tab.
  • After you click the personal privacy tab, an alternative will show up, which will ask you to conceal your WhatsApp status. This alternative will indeed be called the hiding on the internet standing option.
  • As soon as you appeal the ‘Conceal Online Condition’ choice. The application will immediately record this moment and also reveal this as your last seen to your calls.

How to Hide Last Seen Status on Your WhatsApp

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your devices
  •  Tap the Settings icon in the bottom right.
  • Tap Account.
  • Tap Privacy.
  • Tap Status.
  • Tap to select EveryoneMy Contacts, or Nobody.