How to Check Any Sim Number Details? The little SIM card in your phone’s SIM jacket is the soul of your mobile. Each SIM card owner should have complete information about their SIM card details such as SIM owner number, verification status, CNIC registration, etc. PTA SIM Information System offers the latest solutions in this regard. There are basically two ways if you ask how to check your CNIC for active SIMs.

How to Check Any Sim Number Details

SIM data can be viewed in one way, but in another way via SMS. Learn more about SIM information and shortcode 668. The period when PTA helps SIM phone companies to supply and expand products. There were no restrictions or restrictions on the sale of these symbolic cards. There is no complete record of who bought them due to such a large number of crimes. Find any location of the SIM number with the Live Tracker tool.

Check Sim number info in Pakistan online

A telephone tracker is often a very helpful tool, especially once folks need to regulate or control their kid’s or employers’ movements. A telephone tracker is very important to use for any purpose, whether not personal, official, or safe. therefore that’s why we’ve each the simplest mobile tracker service to envision sim number information for each mobile phone worldwide here.

How to Check Any Sim Number Details

In earlier times, people did not have to register their SIM cards on their CNICs. One family member used to buy SIM cards for everyone in his name. But this scenario increased the crime rate with unauthorized SIM cards. Today, you need to register your SIM and know all the details of your SIM card to maintain your privacy. If you are using a relative’s SIM and want to change it to your name or get a new SIM card, you need to know the details of the owner of your SIM. For all these reasons, we have listed various ways to verify the names of SIM owners through mobile numbers. Keep reading to solve your questions.

Check Sim Owner Name by Mobile number

Any telephone number is allotted and distributed in the Asian nations by any cellular network in Pakistan admire Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone, Jazz, Warid, and Zong. each record of the caller’s name, location, house number, identification number, address, and so forth These are maintained by these suppliers on a verification basis on the idea of the verification address needed whereas following the SIM card.

Check Online PTA SIM Information System

Sometimes there’s no reason for desirous to track someone’s mobile range location. And, there are times after we do have reasons. However, despite the purpose, these applications are designed to supply users with the aptest answer for location tracking. Hence, it’s vital to understand a few of the foremost fashionable apps that you just would possibly have already got on your phone and failed to know what else you may do with these.

  • First, visit the official website “”.
  • Enter your CNIC number in the relevant form box.
  • In just one second, your SIM number information appears in tabular format.
  • The table will include the number of your active SIMs.

Link To Check Sim Details:

Check SIM Information System via SMS

Carefully read the following steps to check your SIM information via SMS. You will receive an SMS containing information on active SIMs registered on your CNIC number.

  • Open the SMS text box from your mobile.
  • Type your CNIC number without a dash in this box.
  • SMS Send SMS to USSD code.
Jazz To check Mobilink(Jazz) verification status by sending CNIC through SMS to code 6001
Telenor For Telenor SIM, Send a blank SMS to the code 7751.
Ufone Dial USSD code *336#, and a menu will appear. Type 1 inbox and an SMS will receive information of number.
Warid Send your CNIC via an SMS to code 789 and you will get SIM information.
Zong To check Zong SIM owner registered person send SMS ‘V’ to 7911.