MDCAT test are the ones most dreaded tests by the students. Every student interested to join medical field has to prepare it quite well and of course to do so you need to take into account some of the obstacles that you might face. First off merit in Pakistan to get into Medical college is very high and it is not possible for everyone to get in and this means you need to prepare very well that you dare not left out just because of 1 or 2 marks.
Which Book to study for MDCAT:
When you study for MDCAT it is not about which books it is about the right material. If you take a tour in market you will get to know that there are so many companies that are publishing books annually that you will get lost in them. First thing is that you go through your textbooks thoroughly and get the past exams collection. This will help you get through your exams the best no mere search required of extra book.

Best Books for MDCAT Test Preparation in Pakistan

MCAT-Test-preparation-Tips-and-Best-Books 2018

Some Recommended Preparatory Books:

Below are some of the important recommended books by expert foreign authors, these preparatory books serves as good helping books and contains all the material related to MDCAT:

  •   Complete MDCAT Sstudy Package by Jonathan Orsay
  •    MDCAT Physics Book by Garrett Biehle
  •    KIPS MDCAT books and KIPS MCAT Notes
  •    MDCAT Audio Osmosis by Jonathan Orsay
  •    MDCAT Biology by Jonathan Orsay
  •    1001 Question in MDCAT Chemistry by Scott Calvin and Jonathan
  •    The full Potential MDCAT Audio Program by Bara Sapir
  •    The Gold Standard MDCAT with Online Practice MCAT CBTs by Dr. Brett L. Ferdinand, MD
  •    MCAT 101 Passages in MDCAT Verbal Reasoning by David Orsay
  •    Your course books, A-level of Higher Secondary Education (F.Sc Books)
  •    SAT-I for English and Maths and SAT-II for Chemistry, Physics and Biology

So now you know that what are the books from which you can prepare yourself for the Medical Colleges Entry Test exams . These books are not only recommended by us but also this is the final report of the many doctors that have prepare their MDCAT test from these books.