Inspector-General of Police officer salary in Pakistan has the highest rank. The IGP is in charge of setting up the provincial and administrative police. And in the job and rank as PPO, there is a BPS 21 civil service grade officer who tries to make a three-star appointment. The police officer salary figures are average amounts determined by the rankings

The grading scale for the post of Station House Officer SHO is BPS-16, while the grade for the post of Police Inspector is BPS-16. In the Police Department, there is a post of Additional Superintendent of Police, also known as ASP, and its grade scale is BPS-17. the Basic police officer  Salary Grade for this post of in BPS 18.

After Punjab Police, there is the post of Deputy Inspector General. You may remember this officer by the name of Regional Police Officer.  Officer Grade Scale BPS20 This is IG / CCPO; this post’s scale is BPS21. This officer also does the work and performs the services on the scale of BPS22.

Receives updates in Pakistan on Rank Order and Police Salary, Punjab Police Officer Salary. Punjab Police helps in maintaining law and order. And helps applicants and encourages them to join the Punjab Police Station, which is why there are so many police officers in Punjab. Punjab Police is responsible for controlling crime prevention activities. And this is very important.

Police Officer Salary in Pakistan with Rank Order

Police Officer Salary in Pakistan With Rank and Order

The salary figures are average amounts determined by the rankings. The salary amount may rise or decrease based upon your Punjab police department or the place you are currently or plan to be employed. The allowances are pay, transfer allowances, medical allowance, additional time allowance for duty, relief from temporary allowance, housing allowance, allowance for allowances, and other miscellaneous allowances that aren’t offered to police officers.

SHO Police officer Salary in Pakistan

Punjab Police play an essential role in Pakistan in preventing the spread of crime. It is believed that the pay of the Punjab police is comparable. This is why it’s not the exact amount paid to the officials. Additionally, please contact us by commenting below if you have any queries. Stay in touch with us to get more details. We will also give you the most recent and most exciting details. Keep an eye on us, and check back for more updates like this one.

Police Constable Salary in Pakistan 2024

Pakistan has also kept the same department to ensure peace and security. This department falls under the Ministry of the Interior’s supervision and diligently executes its duties. In Pakistan, Police stations are located throughout the province and the capital, Islamabad. The biggest province is Punjab, Pakistan.

The median, the maximum, the minimum, as well as the interval

  • Salary Range

Police Officer salary in Pakistan can range from 22200 PNR per month (minimum amount) to an average of 76,800 PKR a month (maximum pay).

  • Median Salary

The median pay is 52,200 PKR per month. That means that 50% (50 percent) of those employed for the police as officers (s) earn less than 52,200PKR, while the remaining 50% earn greater than 52,200PKR. The median is the middle value of salary. In general, you’d prefer to be on the right side of the graph, which is those that earn more than the median salary.

  • Percentiles

Near the median figures closely related are the 25th and 75th percentiles. Based on the distribution of salaries diagram, 25% of Police officers (s) earn less than 33,500 PKR. However, 75% earn more than 33,500 PKR. In addition, according to the chart, 75% of the Police officers (s) earn less than 69,600PKR, while 25% earn more than 69600 PKR.

Pakistan Police officer Salary with Rank

We’re sharing Pakistan Police officer salary and rank 2024. It is important to remember that these are estimates and not guaranteed. The exact amount is available through the police department you work for. Review the complete list as follows.

Inspector-General of Police officer salary and rank

  • Rank: BPS 22
  • Estimated Basic Salary: RS 82380 – 164560.

Additional Inspector General CCPO Rank and Salary

  • Rank: BPS 21
  • Estimated Basic Salary: RS: 76,000 to RS 140,000

DIG Rank and Salary 2024:

  • Rank: BPS 20
  • Estimated Basic Salary: RS 69,000 to RS 132,000

SSP Rank and Salary 2024:

  • Rank: BPS 19
  • Estimated Basic Salary: RS 59,210 to RS 120,210

SP Rank and Salary 2024:

  • Rank: BPS 18
  • Estimated Basic Salary: RS 38,350 to RS 95750

DSP Rank and Salary 2024:

  • Rank: BPS 17
  • Estimated Basic Salary: RS 30,370 to 76,370

ASP Rank and Salary 2024:

  • Rank: BPS 17
  • Estimated Basic Salary: RS 30,370 to 76,370

SHO Rank and Salary 2024:

  • Rank: BPS 16
  • Estimated Basic Salary: RS 18210 to 64510

Sub Inspector Rank and Salary 2024:

  • Rank: BPS 14
  • Estimated Basic Salary: RS 15180 to Rs 50280

ASI Rank and Salary 2024:

  • Rank: BPS 09
  • Estimated Basic Salary: RS 11770 to Rs. 33670

The following are Pakistan Police officer salary and Pakistan Police ranks 2024 written on this page. These figures are based upon estimations and are not verified by any police official. Salary is determined by the number of experienced and new police officers and allowances provided by the province. These salaries rise each year. The basic of police officers salary is included in this list.

Senior Ranks


  1. Inspector-General of Police IGP PPO (Provisional Police Officer) BS 22/21
  2. Additional Inspector General Addl. IG/CCPO BS 21
  3. Deputy Inspector General/Regional Police Officer/ City Police Officer DIG/RPO/CPO BS 20
  4. Senior Superintendent of Police/ Assistant Inspector General SSP/AIG BS 19
  5. Superintendent Of Police SP BS 18
  6. Additional Superintendent of Police/ Deputy Superintendent of Police ASP/ DSP BS 17

Junior Ranks:


  1. Station House Officer/Police Inspector SHO BS 16
  2. Sub Inspector SI BS 14
  3. Assistant Sub Inspector ASI BS 09
  4. Head Constable HC BS 07
  5. Constable – BS 05

police officer Badges

These badges are believed to be worn by different levels of Police Officers in Pakistan who have high grades. This is what I will detail below. The following is about Pakistani Police Officer salary and all information regarding their ranks, grades, educational status, and badges. If someone wants to be a part of this field, they can become a part of it.

police officer Salary Detail

As of 2009, rased wages of the police in all provinces. The increase comprised 100 percent of the basic salary and Rs. 10,000 – Rs. Twelve thousand eight hundred of the monthly allowance.

Junior Clerk/Assistant Accountant PKR 16,000
Police Man PKR 17,000
Junior Patrolling Officer PKR 25,000
Mid-Career Executive PKR 44,923
Accountant PKR 45,000

The details of Pakistan Police Officer salary With Rank and Stars are listed on this page. If you would like to know more information, then use the comment option.

Head Constable

The head constable’s rank is greater than the constable’s rank. The base pay scale or level of the head constables of the Pakistan Police varies between BPS 7 and BPS 9.

Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police

The Assistant Sub-Inspector is a higher rank than constables and the head constable of the Police Station. The civil service rank for this position in the police is BPS 9 up to BPS 11.

Sub-Inspector of Police (SI)

Sub-inspectors can be the head of small police stations in a rural areas or the police station in larger cities and towns. Find the base pay scale for this rank of the police force in Pakistan in BPS14.

Inspector of Police (IP)

Police inspectors are employed at the police station’s head and as SHOs. The civil grade of service for this rank can be described as BPS 16.

Bonus Comparison by Seniority Level

Senior management and top employees are naturally more likely to have bonuses and frequency than junior employees. This is due to the inherent responsibility of being higher up the structure. The top executives can easily earn more bonuses, often at a triple or double rate, over employees lower in the hierarchy.

How do you apply?

  • Application forms are available at the relevant District Police Line for Rs 25.
  • Must submit the application form along with the certified copies of the required documents from
  • Application Forms Submission
  • Application Form Office All District Police Offices