Requirements for ISSB Test 2024:
Candidates have to bring the following original documents for ISSB test. Photocopy of any Certificate Will not be Acceptable.

  • Matric Certificate that is issued by authorized Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Result card or mark sheet will not be accepted. While in case a candidate who doesn’t have yet received the Matric certificate must bring the board signed affidavit. affidavit from school or college will be accepted.
  • Intermediate certificate / Mark Sheet is also mandatory to bring. Beside intermediate like FA, FSc, ICom or ICS candidate having equivalence certificate must bring that certificate along with.
  •  Intermediate or equivalence result awaiting candidates must have to bring signed hope certificate that is issued by the respective college or institute.
  •  Candidates having “O”, “A” level or equivalence degree should bring equivalence letter issued by IBCC Islamabad.
  •  Candidates  applied for the courses demanding qualifications higher than intermediate are required to bring their superior degree/ certificates as mentioned in the concerned course advertisement.
  •   Domicile of each candidate of his relevant place.
Pak Army Eligibility
ISLAMABAD: Personnel of Armed Forces march-past during full dress rehearsal of Pakistan Day parade. INP PHOTO

Ineligibility Criteria for ISSB Test 2024.

  •    Those who do not fulfill the academic qualifications advertised by respective services headquarters.
  •     Those found medically unfit.
  •     Those who have been twice Screened Out.
  •     Those who have been twice Not Recommended by ISSB.
  •    Those withdrawn from any training academy on disciplinary ground or found unsuitable.
  •     Those dismissed from government service on disciplinary or unsuitability grounds.
  •     Those dismissed from Armed Forces on disciplinary ground or being unsuitable.
  •     Those convicted in the court of law.
  •     Any candidate who appeared in ISSB within last 4 months.
  •     RECOMMENDED candidates are ineligible to appear for the tests of any course for one calendar year starting from the date of recommendation at ISSB
  • ISSB Test Schedule 2024 Dates and Requirements.

Tips for ISSB Test:

There are different things which can help you pass the test but just like the interviews you have given earlier while applying other jobs, some common factors play a very important role. People usually forget to focus on themselves while going for ISSB Test because they are panic and nervous but remember that you can be selected or rejected for what you are.
Let us help you with simple qualities  which you may consider unimportant or may feel over confident about them that you already have those things in you. Our one silly mistake can drown us into failure so if there is a room for improvement in you why not to avail it?

8 Simple Tips to focus in ISSB:

  • Appearance
  • Expression
  • Self confidence
  •  Academic ability
  •  Leadership
  •  Fitness
  •  Motivation
  •  Awareness

So you can see that these 8 simple factors can lead you to a greater chance of getting selected. Though there is no 100% guarantee that if you have all these factors in you will be recommended but there is a mere and brighter chance that you will not get reject. Focus on these useful tips and improve yourself.  Now is the time and you had to avail it. Keep tuned for more information!

ISSB 5 Days Schedule:
A sum total of 5 days are required at ISSB for a candidate in which your arrival day is also included.

1st Day (Arrival Day)

Once you are entered into the ISSB Center, your first day is started and it is called the Day of Arrival. The nervous candidates have to go through the following steps once entered through the gates of center. These are:

  •    Reception
  •    Checking of documents
  •    Allocation of chest numbers
  •    Allocation of rooms
  •    Photographs of candidates
  •    Administration staff address
  • Filling bio data forms

2nd Day (Psychologist Day)

The very next day is basically all about psychology. Different tests are performed in order to know your psychological behavior. You have to go through following things at your 2nd day:

  •     Opening address by Deputy President
  •     Intelligence Test
  •    Announcement of screening out result
  •   Remaining Psychological Tests (Screened out Candidates will not attend the    subsequent tests)

3rd Day (GTO Day)
Your 3rd day at ISSB Center will base on GTO tasks. An officer will guide you to perform different tasks and analyze you on your performance basis. These GTO tasks will be:

  •   Briefing
  •   Indoor Tasks
  •   Group Discussion
  •   Group Planning
  •   Outdoor Tasks
  •   Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  •   Half Group Task (HGT)
  • Interviews

  4th Day (GTO Day)
The fourth day also includes the GTO tasks. These will be as follows:

  •   Individual Obstacles
  •   Command Task
  •   Final Group Task (FGT)
  • Interviews (leftovers)

5th Day (Conference Day)
Your last day at ISSB is comprised of conference, ending notes and final processing. This will include:

  •   Conferences
  •   Preparation of all the results
  •   Payment of TA/DA
  • Departure

We hope that our information was useful for you and you will follow the ISSB 5 Day Schedule in order to prepare yourself well. For further information check out ISSB General Information. Good luck!