GAT I test is furthermore consists of six categories. Students usually choose the category according to their relevant fields of study. Basically GAT I test is a test that is based on Multiple Choice Question. All the categories of GAT-I test comprises of four sections. These sections are:

  • Verbal
  • Analytical
  • Quantitative
  • Main subject
  • Verbal Section:
    The verbal section comprises of five different types of language questions:
    Sentence Completion
  • Analytical Section:
    Analytical section comprises of two different types of questions. Analytical section in Nat I test is basically used to test the analytical skills of the candidate. Analytical skills means the capability of the candidate to analyze the given situation, scenario or the statement.
  • Quantitative Section:
    Quantitative section of GAT I test consists of three various types of questions. Quantitative reasoning mainly consists of the question which generally involves the basics of arithmetic, geometry and algebra.
  • Subject Section:
    All the three above mentioned sections are common in all categories of GAT test whereas the last section i-e the subject section as per by the category of GAT I test. For example GAT-IM test is for pre-medical students that why this section will comprises of the questions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Note:
    GAT-I paper of each category consists of 90 multiple choice questions while the time given to attempt GAT-I paper is almost 120 minutes i-e equal to two hours.

GAT Test 2024 Syllabus and Papers Pattern for Preparation Online

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World Pakistan Who is Who
Everyday Science Chemistry Physics
Biology Islamic General Knowledge
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