If students are looking for PPSC/ FPSC Test Preparation Books PDF 2024 and Past Papers, they will be available on this website. We have some free books for you to prepare for the FPSC job test. These include Sample Papers, Past Papers, Papers Patterns, and Resolved MCQS 2024 in PDF format. The FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) is a government agency responsible for procuring and managing the provincial civil services and administrative services in the province of Punjab.

FPSC Dogger Brothers, Caravan, and Advance Key Solved Questions can download other updated PDF books here. Some excellent books can help you prepare for this FPSC exam. Here you can easily download FPSC Test preparation Books pdf online for free. If you are preparing for the FPSC exam, then visit this website. Prepare for the test It is important to know the pattern of the test.


FPSC Test Preparation Books Download in Pdf


FPSC Test Preparation Books Download in PDF

FPSC Paper Pattern

Additionally, we’ll be able to explain the studying materials that apply for PPSC/FPSC Test Preparation Books that can help improve the quality of your preparation.

FPSC Test Preparation Books 2024 Lecturer

The research of the significant publishers available on the platform for online preparation is that the test practice series is accessible for convenience. We have compiled our top books for each part to help prepare you for the exam by the complete syllabus, according to the following. you can easily download FPSC Test preparation Books pdf online for free.

FPSC Past Papers

All FPSC Past Papers Download in PDF. If you have any doubts or concerns regarding your thoughts, let us know  in the comment section, and we will give you a more detailed response.

  • World G.K. and Pakistan
  • PPSC FPSC Solved MCQs Important Notes
  • PPSC Pharmacist Test-based Type Book MCQS and Papers from the past
  • Notes book for Math MCQs for PPSC
  • The complete Macq’s books on Quaid e Azam of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan.
  • Popular Name of Personalities
  • Information About Islam
  • Inspector Custom / Intelligence Officer Guide

FPSC Test Preparation Books 2024

The test for written exams will begin in February. Will determine the number of vacant positions based on the 2024 CSS examinations. We will release the Rules, course schedules, and application forms shortly. PPSC uploaded PPSC Test Preparation Books on its official web portal on 20 January 2024

FPSC Test Preparation Books Material

This CSS test is designed for civil servants within the government secretariat as well as the civil bureaucracy of the Pakistani cabinet. Candidates must hold bachelor’s degrees accepted by HEC and possessors of Pakistani nationality. The CSS test is conducted to determine the selection for the 17 grade. Thousands of applicants take the CSS test every year, including job seekers and high-achieving and gifted individuals. It is easy to build success in the future with CSS.

FPSC Test Pattern 2024

Presently, Pakistan needs young people who have hearts and brains. The civil service test aims to identify only those with this kind of balanced personality. Civil service is ready for you if you possess the potential, leadership, teamwork spirit, innovation and communication abilities, and energy. Take the CSS test to be a part of the Pakistani civil service structure. PPSC Test Preparation Books and a list of selected books can be viewed online here.

FPSC Test Preparations Exam Jobs

CSS is an evaluation of educational quality service that tests students in the high school and graduation levels. CSS held entry exam examinations for some of the top institutions across Pakistan (such as COMSATS, MEHRAN University, etc.). On this site, we offer the students the CSS questions included in the earlier CSS test. We also offer students questions at the CSS level that can help students CSS get ready for any CSS examination.

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The FPSC is the body that commands conducting the Competitive Exams to fill the necessary positions in Pakistan. Download a comprehensive assessment guide to help make an exam on the entire FPSC and PPSC. To know about the FPSC Test Preparation Books the candidates can visit the official website.

Caravan Books for FPSC pdf

Every engagement candidate is searching for FPSC exam materials that can be able to pass the written exam. This page lets you download FPSC exam materials on the internet in pdf format. Therefore, you should regularly go to this site and download Daily New pdf books for PPSC and FPSC Test Preparation Books. Download all of them through the link to the FPSC Test Preparation Books.


Dogar Publishers FPSC Books

We aim to give you the top and most effective FPSC exam textbooks and study materials. Thus, participants are prepared to take the first step to success. If yes, you can download free pdf books from our site. There are also the best books recommended for the recruitment exam. If you remember this chance to apply, you can download free PDF links for this test.


We have free books for your preparation for exam FPSC Test Preparation Books and the FPSC test, which include Past Papers, MCQs, and PPSC/FPSC MCQ 2020. All books are available in PDF format. Download these PPSC/FPSC Examination Preparation PDF books for 2020.

FPSC / PPSC Entry Test Preparation Books

Here are the FPSC/PPSC entry exam books that can help you. We’re sure that if take the time to download all of these books and prepare. You’ll surely pass the entire FPSC PPSC Entry MCQs tests.

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 Pakistan History PPSC/FPSC Past Papers

This book contains past papers on various MCQs about Pakistan History/Study. It will ensure your success.

Most prominent, Biggest PPSC/FPSC Notes.

A General Knowledge related to Larges massive, and most extended things on earth is vitally important to keep in mind.

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Essential Notes on Current Affairs

The current affairs subject is vital in every test since the exam will always contain the majority of 15-20 percent Current Affairs Worlds Knowledge questions. All kinds of General Knowledge & History MCQs to prepare for the entrance test are included here. This is all the material you need for passing marks.

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Everyday Science FPSC/PPSC Entry

Everyday science is essential, as it is included in each FPSC Test Preparation Books and PPSC entrance test. We have 500+ top-quality daily science Quizzes in this.

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Islamic History PPSC / FPSC PDF Books

You can now download the books in PDF format for free for Pakistan History Mock Questions. The books contain all MCQs typically found in previous exams. Keep in mind the questions you are asked.

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 M.S. Office Data Entry Operator MCQs & FPSC, PPSC, NTS Past Papers

The applicants must master the essential computer basics.

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English Grammer Solved Books PPSC/FPSC/NTS Past Papers

English subject is crucial for all kinds of MCQs final tests. Particularly interested candidates must concentrate on the grammar section. To ensure that they know the most important subjects, we have arranged the FPSC Test Preparation Books. So download it and receive the most critical Multiple Choice Questions. If students are looking for PPSC / FPSC Test Preparation Books PDF 2024 and Past Papers, they will be available on this website.

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